Put It On Replay

Whenever I do anything, from editing a picture to trying to fall asleep, I need music to do it right. Thus, you can imagine that I listen to a lot of music given I have it on for a few hours a day. Anyway, this tune,  "So Many Girls They Lapped Up" by Alexander Spit, caught my ear.

I dig hip-hop and I love a great beat, so if you take a listen you can understand why this is on my "Repeat Worthy" playlist. Actually check out all of Alexander Spit's music, homie is too legit. 



I just returned home, Chicago, after spending nine days in the tan and surfing paradise country of Costa Rica. First, I may or may not have at least 30-40 edited shots of the Coast Rican beach clouds that could be the most appetizing clouds that I have ever seen in my life. Seriously, you could stare at them as if you were binge watching a TV show on Netflix.

Secondly, despiste the constant picture taking of clouds, I was able to relax and just recharge my non-stopping hamster wheel of a brain.  As a result, I'm recharged! Anyway, I just wanted to say that I am going to commit to at least one post per week in here. It will be organic, so whenever I get a craving for spilling out on my thoughts. 



Don't Think, Imagine

"Don't stop imagining. The day you do is the day you that die"

I heard that line a year or so ago when I was playing Youth Lagoon's track "Seventeen" and the lyric stop me in my tracks. You never think of us, as adults, losing our imagination but the reality is that I think we forget the difference between thinking and imagining. Thinking is rational and limiting. Imagination is irrational and without bounds. BIG difference.

Anyway, take a listen a listen to the song and just remember that sometimes you have to imagine and not think.